Friday, June 19, 2009

Why would you bother?

As I sit here, typing away and working away, for God knows what reasons, my heart is filled with gloom.
If I were to go away for a day or two, no one would know.
Who would come back and ask, what happened and are you alright? And even if you did, who would see the comment or message or email and feel glad? For, I would not be around to check or feel glad.
Even if something was wrong, how could that be told without logging in?
If I'm gone, from here for good, would I be missed? Would you come looking for me?
But, why would you look for me? Why would you spend so much time, to think and care for a faceless entity in this over crowded blog samaj?

If you do come looking, what brought you here, to the virtual doorstep of a stranger?
What drew you to me, to show some concern, which made you leave your work to bother enough to comment, a comment which might never be seen, for I might not be here to read it and feel glad.


DewdropDream said...

Oh dear, why so much doom, gloom and morbidity?

Of course we'd come looking for you. Because we care and because even though technically you're faceless and nameless, you aren't a stranger :)

Comments and enquiries would reach you, no matter where you go... that's how blogging works.

Are you okay? This worries me.

hitchwriter said...


hitchwriter said...

what is all this... and why havent you visited my blog yesterday... !!!!

you have been missing out on the fun...

and not because of this post... but i was thinkng what happened to pixie... seriously !! now you get cracking with the comments.... come on....

rayshma said...

in real life, it would be your friends and most of all your family that would miss you. but i'm guessing, the question was pertaining to us blog-pals only.

yeah.. you would be missed. it seems strange, but sometimes, strangers make VERy goood friends. :)... the bonds formed virtually are strong enough to make you miss ppl.
i think i'd said this once before alos... even if you stop blogging... we would definitely stay in touch.

now, chin up! and look fwd to the weekend! :)

Pixie said...

@everyone: Yea.. me fine now..
Feeling so much better.
Yea, I know I will be missed and you guys will ask, and that I won't stop blogging! I have you guys as frns because of this blog :)

But, i was sad... needed 2 days leave at work, was being denied that, and work has been very very hectic and i didnt have time to read even! :)
but, better now!
thanks you guys...


Ersa said...

ohhhh Pix....go glad to know you are feeling better now dear...i would've certainly missed you dear...hope things get even better for now, cheer up!

Mystic Margarita said...

Yes, you would be missed if you were to disappear. Like Rayeshma said, even people one knows only through blogs somehow make very good friends.
Glad you are feeling better. try not to let work-related stress get to you, sweets. Hugs.

Crafty Shines said...

why so glum my darlingest pix?
is there anything that crafty can fix?

ur cheery disposition is a must for me,
gimme my dose of pixie's love n glee!

if u were gone what would i do?
i'd post comments and they'd not be few!

comments filled with concern and inquiries,
let me tell u, me will have some worries!

what brought me to your door u ask,
its true friendship, no lies, no mask!

a faceless entity, is that true?
why then does my heart paint a picture of you?

why wud i bother, u wish to know?
coz dearest pixie, i love u so!

do be fine pixie!
when life takes a toll, and it seems like an endless sea of gloominess, the need to be alone, take ur time. me is waiting at this end with all the hugs n muahs ur gonna need!! whenever u have time to come n claim it! not to mention, mindless little rhymes will await u too!! :P

love u pixie! u be strong!

Pixie said...

Awww Crafty.. Sniff!
That was so beautifully said.
The hugs, the love and the muahs have worked :)

I was so sad you know, I want 2 days, not a year, just to spend time with my sis, and she will be leaving soon and these days, will never come back and things will be so different.
But, now after this post and all these comments, I have decided that I will take those 2 days off to be with her.

@Ersa, Mysti: thanks you guys! :)
Feeling so much better... de-stressed now. decided that the leave will be taken soon :)

Smitha said...

Oh Pixie! Why so much gloom? So not your normal friday posts :)

Of course, we would be bothered - as you can see from the comments.. We would all be worried about what happened to Pixie!

Anyways, chin up now! No more gloomy thoughts and loads of hugs! Take care!

@Crafty - You are so crafty - both with crafts and with words!!!

Pixie said...

@Smi: I know... I was sad, now so much better :)
Back to my usual self!
And you guys and your kind words had an awesome effect as always :)

And yea, Crafty is such a sweetheart both with words and with crafts. :)

Just a grail said...

What the hell? If you were to not be around I would travel to the depths of the www and beyond to find you.
This made me sad. Talk to me.


writerzblock said...

OMG, girl you need some Vodka. And I will miss your blog if you don't turn up for long enough. You're on my blogroll you see ;-)

Pixie said...

@grail: yup.. mailed u just now :)

@Pallavi:Oh yes! Vodka will help! But, in the meantime eating chocolate and watching cricket and feeling better now. :)

Solilo said...

Oye Pixer! Why so gloomy?

I always enquire about the friends I visit. So of course if you left without telling us then you will see a barrage of comments from me.

So don't make plans of disappearing. Okay!

Why are you feeling this way? {{{{{{{{{Hugsies}}}}}}}} coming your way. You know Peanut is watching 'Tinkerbell' now and they are in search of 'Pixie' dust. :)

indyeahforever said...

hey !!this is SO NOT the pixie I know..
Look at how beautifully darling Crafty has said it:))and how concerned all of us are

chocs and cricket?:))awesome combo I say to ward off gloom and doom :P


vimmuuu said...

Ooopsie Pixie, whats wrong !!! Someway or the other, we all miss each other. Be it the comments or the posts. No no big big talks of leaving. Chill and have fun with your blog ! :D

mohit said...

hey hey... don't worry so much...we've all gone thru the same feeling at some point of time..
do whatever u love doing, alone or with friends this weekend!

churningthewordmill said...

aiyyo!!! wat happened to u pixie!!!snap outta the gloom babe!! of course we'd come looking for u.. in droves!!:D

Aparna said...

Hope you are feeling better. Nothing in this life is worth feeling so gloomy. A new day would certainly bring cheer.