Saturday, June 06, 2009


Couldn't resist!!!

But, did you watch the Aus Vs WI T20 match?!!!

WooHoo!!! WI kicked Aus's butt!!!!!!!!!! :D

What a match!!!

I don't think I would be this thrilled with a Indian Victory as well!!!! :D :D

*dances off gleefully to watch the next match!*


Monika said...

ha ha we are happier at someones loss than our win

we humans i tell u :D


Monika said...

ok does this mean i am the first or it just means u havent approved the other comments yet :D

Pixie said...

Monu, you are first!! :P

hitchwriter said...

There goes Monu again !!!

btw Chris Gayle is a ticking time bomb and the day he explodes the opposition goes scurrying for cover !!!!

Did ya see that Six he hit off Lee ???

Oval is Englands biggest ground and he hit it on the rooof !!!!!

Pixie said...

I know! that shot was awesome!!! :D
he is an awesome player isn't he? :)