Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Quick Update!

Very quick update!

Been overloaded with work, so haven't been able to comment or read posts properly on all my favorite blogs :(
Like Mandy's post - it's hilarious and I have so many things to say there, but falling short of time!

Gym updates:
Joined the gym today to lose the extra 3+2 kilos (3 as per the doc and 2 more for me!)
So, there are 2 places close to my place. Let's call them Gym A and Gym B.
Gym A is cheaper. So, naturally I go there to pay the fees and to join up!

I walk in and ask for the instructor - this guy comes up, gives me a once over and points to the fee structure and says - "Ladies batch is from 10 to 11 in the morning"
I reply back saying I need to come in the evenings.
He again looks at me and says - "Are you sure, at this time only we guys are there here!"
I tell him politely to 'eff off' and ask again for the instructor.

Another equally oily looking guy walks up and stands really close and says -
"I'm the instructor! Just by looking at you, I can tell how many kilos you need to lose!"

By now, as you would have guessed, I was mighty pissed.
So, I raise my voice a bit and say
"Get out of my face before I hit you where it hurts the most!"

He is a bit shocked and asks "What did you say?"

I repeat the same, louder.

This time, I'm audible enough to bring down the aerobics instructor and she asks me -
"Is he annoying you?"
I say yes.
She says - "Punch him the face! He thinks he has his brains between his legs!"
By this time, I'm laughing real hard inside, the guy moves back, I call him a really bad word and walk out.

These guys are all educated, but, such huge assholes, I tell you!
I went ahead and joined the more expensive place!

But, this behavior is so wrong on so many levels, isn't it?!
Not mine, theirs! :P

Why can't they respect us and behave decently like how an educated person behaves.

But, let me tell you one thing - I was almost ready to punch the guy today!

And Cricket -

Are you watching the match?!
Netherlands need exactly 151 runs to make it to the next level and to oust Pakistan!

Netherlands - 3 wickets down!

Will they be able to make it? or will they buckle down under pressure?!!

Also, I have 2 posts in draft - one for the awards - this post is kind of emotional and "Aww-worthy"!
So, taking time before I post it.. :)


Anonymous said...

aiyyoo...wat did u do to ur template!! its all red and i cant read a thing!! change it back !!

Ersa said...

sucks...at least you talked back to those indecent idiots..:-) bravo, gal !

vimmuuu said...

Ok, join the expensive gym, build your body, go back to the older gym and then punch him on his face :D

There are a couple of idiots to defame the rest of our community !! Sigh ! Only if....

rayshma said...

such ppl SHOULD be hit where it hurts the most.

leave aside the education and other things... it's absolutely unethical on his part.
as i've said before... i doubt education does anything to warrant a change in mindsets.

Swati said...

You are so funny pix ..the gym thing was funny and surprising as well :P

What happened to the colours of your blog...its red in red ..cannot read anything :P

Solilo said...

Pixer, is it just me or something happened to your template? It is deep Red and I can't read a thing.

claytonia vices said...

Yeah the readability of ur blog has gone down so low... use text that contrasts with the background...

Anonymous said...

whew... yoru template is ... errr... impossible to read...

btw pak won... they have to be thrown out by us !! :)

Sneha Shenoy said...

I like your blog, just one suggestion, can you change the background color? Its bit difficult to read and I couldn't read much due to the bright color

Pixie said...

Err.. everything's gone red!!!

I don't know what's happened... :(

Will change the template soon...


Pixie said...

much better no? :)
template changed!

Just a grail said...

Pixie - HA!!!
It is 2009 why are there still places and times that are for men or women only.


Crafty Shines said...

gosh!!!! the nerves!!!!

are u going back to punch him pixie??? tell me, call me!!! i wanna come....main bhi thoda haath saaf kar loon....

but it was funny too!! he mustn't have been spoken to lik ethat before! but he shud get used to it...keeping his lovely attitude, he's gonna lose his nose, eye or other strategic organs soon....

Pixie said...

I was so ready to punch the

His attitude and his stance his gaze - everything was wrong...

@Vimmu: I was planning on doing just that when my husband convinced me otherwise!!

@Hitchy: I know! Today's match - India's is what matters the most...

@ Crafty: I will call you! Let's go punch the daylights out of him!!

Anonymous said...

Bravo lil Pix! Good u told them off! I wouldn't have had so much courage!! Way to go!