Friday, June 12, 2009

Say it with Calvin and Hobbes!

So, its a Friday afternoon, my eyelids are almost closed, it's like there are iron chains attached to them and someone is dragging them down.
I also have a meeting from 6:30 to 7:30 which I will take from home! :)
But, after that I have to attend my gym session, because I'm scared of my instructor! No, really.
You should see him and see how he pushes you to do the impossible, which is my legs, arms are all singing different tunes right now! :) :)
So, without further delay, here's something which will make you laugh for sure and keep you awake!! :P
Some of my favorite CnH comic strips!!

Image Courtesy: All Google of course and the respective websites from which they were copied from! :)


hitchwriter said...


hitchwriter said...

those are super... !!! I had read the last 4 but the nail one I hadnt read !!!! soooper !!!!

just yesterday hriday swallowed a balooon !!! we were at wits end what to do... kids i tell ya... he is reaching this age...

Swati said...

Thank you ..laughed ..but I am feeling sleepy again :(

Pixie said...

@ Hitchy: LOL!! Yes, you are! :)
He swallowed a balloon?!
How in the world did that happen?!

@Swati: Me too and I have a training session now! Friday afternoons are the worst I tell u! ;)

hitchwriter said...

went to our neighbours house.. they really dont take care of their kids.. and he came home and told us... !! it was a really small one.. but .. gave us a panic... the doc relaxed us and the banana's did the trick...

phew.. its almost impossible to keep a track of him now a days..

Pixie said...

Whew!! :D

that must have been hard...
I remember the time when my sister got an eraser stuck up her nose, she couldn't breathe! luckily, mom didn't lose her cool, turned her upside down and whacked her once!!! :D

indyeahforever said...

this is so damn cute Pixie!
thank you for sharing sweetie :)
I laughed so much :D

I need this :)

specially the Mr Brittanica one was too hilarious!!

and the one on you came from Taiwan?:D

sho sho cute :))))

I LOVED this:)))))

hitchwriter said...

poor gal !! lol... alls well that ends well ...

Imp's Mom said...

lol! its no wonder C & H are my fav! :D

Just a grail said...

HA! The first one could totally be the beast, or actually any one of my boys! :-)

Crafty Shines said...

Pixie!!! can i hug u????

*crafty hugs pixie without waiting for permission*

hilarious! that coffee table one is just so HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

i LOVE C&H!!!!!

Pronoun!!! ahahahahaha! don't ya just love hobbes!!! sometimes he's just too sensible and at times he's like this!!! :D

there's one strip where calvin asks some help in substraction and hobbes tells him "we need to use imaginary no" (which are actually a correct mathematical term! learnt them in 11th)
and when calvin asks what those rae, he says "like eleventeen)


me totally loved this post!!! HUGS!!!!

Pixie said...

Crafty! Hugs right back to u!!! :D
I love Love CnH!! :D

Grail: I know! the first cartoon reminded me of Beast too!!! ;)

Smitha said...

That was great!! This is why I love your Friday posts :) They are really fun :)

I love CnH!!! Too good :) Lovely way to end the week :) Have a lovely weekend Pixie!

vimmuuu said...

LOL, when will this kid and tiger grow up ?? :D

Ersa said...

ROFL ROFL...good ones, Pix

Mystic Margarita said...

Lol! Trust Calvin and Hobbes to always elicit a chuckle. Hope you have a great weekend, Pixie! :)

Renu said...

Lol:), specially the one with nails and u came from Taiwan:)

Solilo said...

Pixer, You should work only from Monaday-Thursday. Your Friday seems to me as a day for timepass. Ha..ha..ha..

Love C & H.

Mysorean said...


Had a good laugh today after a long time! C&H rocks!