Sunday, June 21, 2009

My 2 mins of fame! :)

First of all, thank you everyone. The emails, the comments, the sweet things you guys said and meant - they are priceless and I am so glad that I am not THAT sad anymore!!

Now, that the gloom and doom is all gone (Whew! I really don't like me like that - all sad and mopey and feeling sorry for myself! Am glad that didn't last too long!), let's talk about my 2 minutes of fame shall we? :)

Friday, as we all know by now, I was completely gloomy and sad and feeling sorry for myself. I left work early and took the bus home and as usual was listening to the radio - Radio Indigo to be more precise and from 5 to 8 - its Cruise Control with Mr. Rohit Barker and we all know how much fun an RJ he is with his deep, sexy voice and he plays really good music. Anyway, the contest was on and since the answer to his question was damn easy - I sent it.

What happens next? You guessed it, I get a phone call from Mr. Barker himself!! And I was put on Air to answer the question!!! :D :D
Then, I get a phone call from the studio and they ask me to come down and pick up couple tickets to the stand-up comedy show - Aggy Uncle happening at Kyra!!!
Oh, the night was awesome... I laughed so hard that I was tired from laughing and it was like - OK, please stop. I need to stop laughing!!

The jokes, the one-liners, the whole attitude was amazing! It had been a long time since I had laughed that hard for so long!! It was 2 hrs of jokes on everything under the sun - relationships, sex, God, Religion, people from different cultures and from different parts of the world...
It was awesome! :)

Has anyone else been to Kyra? It's an awesome place really. We had first been there for Swarathma's concert and that was so much fun and they are such a talented group!
The prices are a bit expensive - they just serve Finger food and appetizers at the theatre and their Bar is pretty decent too...

We saw some really scary people there though. I just don't understand one thing, if you are rich and you have loads of money, why should you be so scarily dressed?
We saw some really scary looking women out there last night!
just because one hits forty, there's no need to panic and start dressing like a 20 yr old!!!
And this one lady was so prettily dressed up, her dress looked so so pretty, but she accessorised it with fake pearls! That was such a let-down, you know?!

And even when we had gone for Swarathma's concert, we saw some really shitty people. Just because you have money, that doesn't mean that's the qualification to be rude and obnoxious.

They are a talented group, they are our local boys who have dared to dream big and make it.
Their music has meaning and its base is from our very own rich culture of Classical and Folk. The lyrics are touching and they have an amazing connect with the audience.
What more would one want from a musician right? But, no, some people are such snobs they can't recognise talent that's right under their noses and keep comparing the group to an already established rock group like U2??!! or Metalica?? (These 2 are rock bands right?!!)
Get real and get a life!
You know, that's one lesson I learnt at a very young age - not to take oneself so seriously! it's like walking around wearing ill-fitting underwear! :D
You are irritable and grouchy and keep blaming the whole world for it when all you need to do is change what you are wearing!!!

You know, the stand-up comedy last night was awesome too!
My tummy still hurts from all that laughing and I have such a sore throat and now cough!! But, it was totally totally worth it!!

I loved a couple of things they said.
Like happiness - you can't always be happy, but when you are unhappy, you should know that once you have reached that depth of unhappiness, you can only raise to happiness and that feeling in itself is amazing.

They spoke about women being the more intelligent lot! they said how if a woman is cheating on her man, he would never come to know which is so true!!!
We are a cunning lot.
Women take revenge to higher levels and we are never straight forward about it.
Like, for example, if a man were to be mad at someone, he would walk up and punch him.
We on the other hand, will make sure he gets bumped over by an over speeding car and get away with it!!! :D :D
The stuff you see on TV is just an exaggeration of real life, if you ask me. Yes, of course there are women who scheme and plot and mess up things and get pleasure out of it.

Ok, I will stop now, this is such a mixed up post! It's got way too many things going on... and it's a long post!
Indy - is this post long enough?!!

*Runs away before Indy catches up!*

Just before hitting the publish button - Thanks again, you guys. really. Even being so sad was kind of worth it - it made me realise what a fantastic bunch of friends I have found because of this blog.

Love you guys! Muah!


Varunavi said...

It made me realise what a fantastic bunch of friends I have found because of this blog--- very well said,even i think the same way.Hugs to u and to all the blog friends :)

Anonymous said...

:) Thatz sweet..The moment of fame came on the right time so that you felt good and was able to come out of your bad mood...

And yes,there are sadisitic people living in every corner of life..I have always believed that soaps or movies are reflections of lives somewhere

CoolDude said...

Yeah, it was loads of fun and a good stress reliever :) I too liked it!!!

Anonymous said...

Well well well... how have things turned around... !!!!

some one's stomach is aching out of laughing... its sounding so much fun... that some one is going green with jealousy... !!!!

and yes you women are a really cunning lot no doubt... !!!!

Just a grail said...

Congratulations! Sounds like a wonderful evening and God knows you deserved it!

Just a grail said...

Congratulations! Sounds like a wonderful evening and God knows you deserved it!

rayshma said...

loved the ill-fitting underwear analogy! :D

vimmuuu said...

A radio show changed your life and you learnt some good morals - that women are evil. They actually are. Very ! LOL

Ersa said...

yay, Pix is back....all happy...:-)...good to know you had a nice time dear...enjoy your week ahead !

Anonymous said...

I left a comment here!!
why is this happening to me?
three blogs today and everywhere its the same story!
Pixie!you better move to WP now!:PP

mr barker? :D
so you smiled and laughed?

I SOOO agree!auntiejis and unclejis who dress like they have been reborn as teens!
GAWD!!it is enough to turn one off fashion or anything remotely close forever!

LOL@women and revenge! :D

err keep it to yourself:D
we dont want any men to know this:D:D

muah!!:))I like this post!

you mentioned ME?and my LONG posts?

*looks at Pixie in disbelief*
dost dost na rahaa?


Indy running after Pixie!
you brat!! :D

Pixie said...

*trying to run faster than Indy, but failing miserably!!*

@everyone: Yea.. weekend was super fun! (touchwood!)
Also met friends for lunch on Saturday... :)
that was also fun!
The blog samaj rocks!

Crafty Shines said...

yipppeeeee!!!! pixi is back!!!
:D :D HUGS!!!!

glad to hear al the excitement n laughter! u deserve it after rough patch! touchwood!!!

older ppl dressing half their age...hmmm....must be results of brain reduced to half the size :P :P
n eyesight gone weak! these ppl shud come with a warning siren!!!
lol!!!! :P

"not to take oneself so seriously! it's like walking around wearing ill-fitting underwear!"
ROFL! how cutely true!!! must to make a note of this saying!!!

scheming n plotting women??? where who when??
*looks around innocently*
tee hee...yeah we are sinister like that!! :D

so happy to see u all happy pixie!!! hugs!!!

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

See, the sun did shine bright on you on friday :))

Smitha said...

Great to see you back to your normal chirpy self :)

And what luck! You got to be on air and win tickets!! And from the sound of it- totally worth it :)

You did have a good weekend then :)

and LOL at Vimmuuu's comment :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Congrats on your share of (well-deserved) fame!! That was really cool, and its lovely to hear you had such a great time.

The sweetheart that you are, you are able to distinguish between real and fake beauty. Glad I met you, even if its only in Cyberspace.

wisegirl said...

u know i'm so glad that u had fun but i can't believe u didn't take me

Anonymous said...

I have not read the last post, let me first take a look at that one...